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gambling school

Internet's best online bingo site. Read about the online bingo and the online community of bingo players
Will our children soon learn about casinos in school? When people think about their school days, they usually think about the girls, the dates, the trips and the social events, they are trying to forget all the long hours of boring classes. During the years schools became more open minded and creative, they started to offer unusual subject like electronic music.

A group in the Philippines recently suggested a new revolutionary idea – gambling university. If this idea will be accepted the university will be the first university in the world that will teach its students everything about casino games, casino management and short courses about casino games strategies.

According to the proposition the university will teach the student to run a legal casino business of their own. The culture minister of the Philippines said that he hopes the university will grant a degree in casino management and operation simultaneously with the short courses that will teach strategies in casino games like blackjack, roulette and poker.

The Philippines president – Gloria Arview declared she opposes to the casino university suggestion and the Catholic Church supported her opposition. In an interview over the radio Arview said that she don't want gambling to turn into a life style of the Philippines's people and that she oppose to the suggestions to open a university that will teach young students how to manage a legal gambling system.

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Online Gambling: The Most Popular Trend on the Web Today

Posted on: Sunday, 02. 2008

Online gambling has become one of the most popular trend in the Internet today. It good offerings attracts more and more gamblers to switch from land based casino to online casino gambling.

Online Casino Tips for Beginners

Posted on: Monday, 17. 2008

One of the most daunting task that you can experience with gambling is finding the appropriate online casino. Do not fall commit a mistake of signing up with the first online casino that you see on your search.

What's Pushing Gambling Ahead

Posted on: Monday, 22. 2007

Our cynicism can be the very root of the gambling boom. Because, experience have it, not all hard work pays off. So we turn to others and we see gambling as alternative opportunities, governments want us too.

Blue Sky Casino Focused on its Development

Posted on: Sunday, 24. 2006

Last Wednesday, August 2, Chris Leininger announced the latest developments of the Blue Sky Casino. A new job fair will be held on August 18-19 at the West Baden hotel to fill approximately 500 additional positions.

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