Blue Sky Casino Focused on its Development

Chris Leininger, general manager of the Blue Sky Casino, provided an update about the soon to open casino Wednesday August 2. Leininger had said he is happy to talk about things that are happening in the community rather than talk about the lawsuits filed by the Cook Group and Lauth Group. The update was made in a meeting of the Historic Hotels Preservation Commission.

Leininger said, "The next event we have is on August 18-19 at the West Baden (hotel). We will be doing our second job fair. It will be almost identical in format to the one we held some weeks back with really an emphasis on hiring out the rest of the organization. We currently have 500 people, approximately, on staff and we need another 500 to fulfill our needs in operating both the resort and the casino come opening day.

"So, encourage your friends and family and anyone else you know here in the local community to get out, if they haven't already, and express interest in filling one of our open positions."

He added: "On August 4, our Donald Ross Golf Course will have another media day... to show them what progress we've made in the completion of that course in anticipation of what is planned to be a September 8 opening."

"There was a lot of the early excavation and sprinkler system type work. It looks much more like a golf course now and we're proud of the progress."

He continued, "And the clubhouse itself, I think any of you would be proud to go in and see the restoration work that has taken place there. It's going to be, by itself, a unique facility that I think will develop some stand-alone reputation."

Instead of focusing on the fuzz over the lawsuit of the two partner groups that made Blue Sky Casino possible. Chris Leininger is proud to announce the development of the Blue Sky Casino that is soon to open in September.

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